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What You Need to Know Before Hiring A Tampa Website Design Company

Be Prepared to Communicate Your Vision

Sit down and make a list of what you expect from your along with questions you have about how your website will be developed, maintained and marketed. If you don't understand the process of website design, ask your website designer to explain it to you from start to finish. Not all Tampa website designers have the same process and this will open up the door of communication which is crucial to the long-term success of your internet presence.

Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions of Your Web Designer

Be sure to ask what hours your website designer will be available to you and always ask how many people will be working on your website. Often times, website design companies in Tampa, Florida will have many employees working on one website. Find out as much as you can about your Tampa website designer prior to entering into any agreements.

Ask Your Web Designer Questions Such as:

1.) How do you differ from other Tampa web designers?
2.) Will I be able to see my website as it's being built and how will it be
     presented to me?
3.) How long will it take to develop my website?
4.) When I need website updates or SEO, how will I obtain them and
      how much will it cost?
5.) Will my site be optimized at all upon the launching of my site? What
     is included in my initial website design service?

Be as Honest as You Can with Your Website Designer.

If you'll need your web designer in Tampa to provide content such as text copy, photographs or clip art, forms or password protected files that will be downloaded or uploaded to your website--let them know ahead of time so they can provide you with a clear and comprehensive quote. Don't leave anything out hoping for a "cheaper" quote. This will only cause frustration for you later on. Gather examples of websites that you like and provide those links to to your designer.

Consider Your Choices
1- Awesome, young and talented Tampa web designer working on your site who has yet developed the necessary communication skills or may not be sensitive to the time constraints that small business owners face. Eight to five job, overworked and probably even underpaid. What can you expect in terms of communicating your vision or obtaining necessary changes with ease?

2- Local, Florida web design company with longevity and experience working with small business owners. Professional, affordable, custom website design services that focus on the current and future needs of their clients.

3- Website Design Builders -  Web design "templates" and locked in hosting services. Monthly fees so you can virtually "do-it-all-yourself." Frustrating to optimize or tailor to your needs.

4- Cheap outsourced web design services. Great price, wrong time zone. No concept of your market, communicating your needs will likely be difficult.

Finding the best website design services can mean different things to different customers. What's the best option for your small business?

Are You Starting All Over After a Bad Experience With Another Tampa Website Design Company or Freelance Website Designer?

Based on feedback we get from former clients of some of these larger website firms, the most common complaints stem from availability and the lack of affordable services that allow Florida small business owners to be consistent in their marketing. Research the Tampa web design firm that you're considering prior to entering into any agreements.

"Why Doesn't My Website Designer Answer My Calls?"

Customer service is at the forefront which means at Bay Area Graphics & Marketing our clients will be treated with respect. It's unfortunate that many of our clients are often times former clients of some other Tampa website design company or freelance web designers. Many come to us with the same complaints such as:

#1 Complaint -
My website designer never answers the phone, or returns my phone calls in a timely manner.

Our Solution - Being available to our clients is what makes us different than some of our competitors. Your Tampa website design company should excel in communication, respect and talent --This is the key to a successful website design.

Complaint #2
- My web designer started to build my website but they never finished. When I call them they don't answer and I do not have a copy of my website, don't have access to my hosting account or domain name registration and require website updates or a new website design. (This is a frightening scenario for small business owners and it happens more often than you would think.)

Our Solution - Our Tampa website design firm began in 2001 and we have enjoyed our longevity. We are always here for our customers and we're experts in assisting business owners who have encountered problems with "hijacked" websites, domain names, or other issues that are preventing them from moving forward with their web design and marketing.  

Complaint #3 - Once my website was launched, it never could be found on the search engines. When we started investigating, we realized that our website looked nice, but it was not developed properly with regards to optimization. Now, we have to backtrack tasks that should have been done in the first place.

Our Solution - Whether our client chooses custom website design services, an e-commerce website package or a WordPress website design package, we ensure that your website is thoroughly and highly optimized. From content, keywords, meta data, image data and more, we do it right so you don't have to "back-track" on your search engine optimization tasks.

Cost Effective Web Design and Marketing Services for Tampa Bay

Bay Area Graphics & Marketing is a Tampa, Florida website design and marketing company offering small business website design and development services along with a wide range of cost effective marketing services for your business.

Since 2001, we've helped Florida business owners gain revenue with our affordable website design, search engine optimization and other marketing services. Additional small business services are available to save our customers time and money. With just one call you can obtain graphic design services, catalogs, brochures and printing services to make cross marketing for your business easier. 

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