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( In Laymen's Terms )

Search engine optimization can be achieved by following Google's recommendations or best practices for  SEO, but what do you really know about marketing your website? Do you know the difference between optimizing your website for good organic ranking, and using other marketing strategies, such as SEM, Sponsored and PPC ads?

The difference is fairly straightforward. SEO services that obtain good organic ranking requires a methodical process of feeding content to your website that is properly linked, creating directory listings and blogs that strategically place your back links to achieve high ranking for your website's particular keywords and key phrases. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Circles, etc, also lends to good organic ranking. But just posting a blog or getting likes isn't enough.  Knowing how to post links on Facebook properly or whether to work for shares or likes of your posts matter. If you are blogging as a part of your SEO, you need to know how to link back to your website properly and guest posting is recommended to get the best results. Google+ and authoring should be a part of your SEO tasks. With over 200 different signals to determine page rank according to Google, Google+ and authoring is becoming highly relevant when determining page rank.

Marketing your website on the internet, may include working your social media accounts, updating and connecting daily with other businesses, link building, and even may include promotions and coupon building through some of the free directory services. You may even wish to put out an electronic newsletter or html email to your clients as a way of cross marketing. Although not considered search engine optimization, cross marketing to increase visitors to any site, but particularly E-commerce sites utilizing catalogs, brochures or postcards can increase visitors and sales.

SEO LEARNING  CENTER  search engine optimization learning center

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SEM is a bit different and normally requires the management of ad campaigns, including ad words, PPC ads and other paid inclusions and directory listings. Social media ad campaigns as well as search engine (Google) campaigns, fall into this category. This type of website marketing does nothing to achieve good organic ranking and once your ads or campaigns are stopped, many Tampa business owners are devastated to realize that the phone stops ringing... That's if only the campaigns worked for them in the first place. If you are set on utilizing these paid ads, then we suggest that you set aside a budget to do both...Search engine optimization and SEM (Search engine marketing) to keep your organic ranking high, even reducing the amount of money you need to spend on these campaigns.

SEO (search engine optimization)
Our SEO Pricing is straightforward and our services are performed "in house."  Many Tampa SEO firms outsource your business but we don't. Search engine optimization that provides good organic results is what we strive for in an effort to produce excellent ROI for our clients. Providing you with the customer service you deserve is our promise.

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Speak with a few Search Engine Optimization firms in Tampa prior to hiring them may save you some time and money.  Reading up on the differences and manner in which you can market your website and equipping yourself with knowledge of Search Engine Optimization certainly won't hurt. Call us and we'll help you to determine which is best for you--- SEO or SEM or both.


Why should you use a local search engine optimization company who is in the Tampa area? Just ask some of our customers. They will tell you that although outsourced SEO may be marketed as affordable and often times can be more affordable, the outcome and experience is often undesirable. From time and turnover issues, to language barriers, many of our clients have had a negative experience. If you want affordable search engine optimization services and you're in Florida, contact us today for  a friendly quote. You'll be pleasantly surprised with our SEO pricing.
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